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Star Conflict - Feel like a pilot of the starship!

Star Conflict online game – is a new multiplayer action game in which you are given the opportunity to sit at the helm of a starship and take part in massive battles star.

The game is presented by Gaijin Entertainment, known for the development, we described earlier on 4GameGround, the game War Thunder.

§ History of the Star Conflict World

Much has happened during the three thousand years since the moment when the first spacecraft earthlings have gone beyond the solar system and were able to colonize more liveable planet. There were bloody wars, revolution broke out galactic scale, appeared and disappeared state, empire and unions.

Star Conflict - your ship

Over time, as space anarchy came to naught, and the main warring factions (Federation, Jericho, and Empire) came to a relative world, in the sector in 1337 was discovered a mysterious region. This region is filled with giant abandoned building of unknown purpose, there were huge processing factories and entire space of the city.

A mysterious civilization that once built all this, called the Baptist.

Soon information about the sector in 1337 has spread throughout the galaxy. The sector rushed thousands of adventurers and adventurers. They began to collect artifacts and explore the Forerunner technology.

The sector has been extremely high risk of death, as there was found a strange and very dangerous anomaly, called Cataclysm. Cataclysm resulted in instant death unless the person is in his field of action.

Star Conflict - meteor zone

But greed has always been stronger than fear. The sector went thousands of ships, returning the same unit, but with such trophies, it immediately attracted the attention of the Empire and the Federation of Jericho. They quickly began to prepare their own expedition, a new war was not far away …

§ Fractions in Star Conflict

Empire. Policy Empire focuses primarily on the expansion and extension of the power of the emperor. Empire has the most powerful navy in the universe. Her great ships have a fair strength and fighting capacity. All of them are equipped with the best in their field defensive and offensive weapons.

Star Conflict - enemy base

Empire is extremely interested in the development of technology, especially the military. The Empire spares no investment in research scientist in the field of innovative technologies. But, despite this, much lags behind the other factions Star Conflict in introducing technical innovations.

Federation. Faction vendors and researchers representing the Alliance of Free Worlds. But do not cheat their friendliness and tranquility. So this calm lion, knows his strength and does not need her confirmation. The Federation is not subject to anyone, as paid for their freedom for centuries of bloodshed.

Jericho. Scientists Jericho centuries doing research in the field of cyber genetics. They have always sought to improve the mind and body of a man experimenting with living and non-living tissue. Technological development acquired in Jericho nature of religion. Jericho early childhood begin to modify their bodies, and in adulthood has little resemblance to the people.

 Star Conflict - ready to fight

§ Star Conflict Gameplay

Star Conflict Gameplay is based on the principle of action of the session. The player chooses the ship, sets it on your own and sent into battle, which lasts until the moment when one of the opposing teams are not the enemy will break.

In Star Conflict presented dozens of ships – from destroyers to frigates. Each of these ships has both strengths and weaknesses.

Each player has its own hangar in which he happen to spend a lot of time, as all kinds of weapons and modules in Star Conflict a huge amount. So, how to dig deeper in the equipment, you can be invincible in space.

In Star Conflict presents a large number, huge in size, locations, some of which are only available in PvP-mode, and others in PvE.

 Star Conflict - you win

Online game Star Conflict has excellent graphics, well-detailed locations and spaceships. It constantly appears something new and interesting.

Join now, start to play the game online Star Conflict now! Feel like a pilot of the starship and lead your faction to victory!

How to start playing Star Conflict?

To enter the Star Conflict game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the Star Conflict game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

Star Conflict trailer

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