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Play Audition 2 game online for free

Audition 2 – a new free online game, specially created for those who want a new experience, lots of fun and drive, for all those who simply can not imagine my life without music and dance. Your opportunities in online game Audition 2 are endless, here you will be able to come off as just you like.

In the Audition 2 online game, you can visit the trendy nightclubs, make new friends, which can later be communicate using voice chat, stylish shopping exercise, visit the crazy parties, at its discretion, to change the appearance and to give a lot of fun, just enjoy spending free time.

Audition 2 - let's dance

Having started to play Audition 2 online, and after you register, you will need to create your own unique character, which is to participate in dance battles.

In the online game Audition 2 is provided fifteen dance modes, which will give you the opportunity to fully realize their potential dance. Participating in marathons, you’ll be aware of all the new trends and fashion trends, and more than that – to dictate your own!

After analyzing all your sympathy, requests and inquiries, the system will help you to choose a partner for dancing in Audition 2. In addition, online game Audition 2, it provides a unique opportunity to have a personal music player, which you can add all your favorite new hits. Also in Audition 2 online there are plenty of exciting built-in mini-games.

Audition 2 - dancing

During gameplay, you will need to correct by pressing the appropriate keys, follow the rhythm of the dance during battles. If everything is done correctly and accurately, then you will earn bonuses.

If desired, you can apply to the Academy and get there more dancing skills. Having successfully completed the courses, you will be able to carry out are not available to you before dance tricks.

Clans often found in Audition 2 online game presented as competing with each other, clubs.

Audition 2 - follow me

If you want to upgrade your character walk-in closet, the visit to this store. Here you can buy everything you need: clothing, shoes, accessories. Shops, Audition 2, you will be able to visit with friends. You can even arrange a private fashion show.

Audition 2 online game – constantly updated modern design, all track lists are composed of the latest hits of world dance music. Join now, become a star of the dance floor, to conquer the world of Audition 2 online game!

How to start playing Audition 2 Online game?

To enter the Audition 2 Online game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the Audition 2 Online game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

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