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Play Andromeda 5 game online for free

Andromeda 5 Online Game – is a free browser-based space simulation, made in the spirit of the famous Space Rangers. The Andromeda 5 you will receive at their disposal a spaceship and send it on to conquer the intergalactic space.

During the game you will find a huge number of dangerous adventures, exciting quests and fierce battles. Andromeda 5 has a well thought-out plot and a large range of possibilities.

 Andromeda 5 - space battle

§ Gameplay of Andromeda 5 online game

Having started playing and passing the registration on the official website of the Andromeda 5, you can proceed to the choice of a suitable spaceship, and then you will be a little training in basic management skills.

Then you get into your first galaxy, called Hydra. Here, everything is relatively calm, the newcomers are relatively rare, you can save up experience, to master in the world, to improve the weaponry and equipment of its spacecraft.

You can select multiple development paths in Andromeda 5:

- Pumping his spaceship;

- Improving the skills of the pilot;

- Massive battles and promote the interests of their guild.

 Andromeda 5 - your base

§ Quests and Galaxy in space simulator Andromeda 5

In the online game Andromeda 5 is a series of quests and galaxies in which you have to communicate with the locals, merchants and residents that will offer you a variety of tasks for a certain fee. Here are just some of the galaxies:

- Hydra – about it has been said above, it all starts here;

- Big Dog – a very rich galaxy, where you will find many dealers, though, and the robbers, too;

- Mensa – very calm galaxy battles are very rare;

Andromeda 5 - in the space

- Orion – a beautiful galaxy, but for the beauty of the hidden and very great danger;

- Cassiopeia – in this galaxy are ongoing hostilities, and, basically guilds Reggia Ales and Vindeksis;

- Big Dipper – places where the mercenaries.

The transition from one galaxy to another becomes available after a player reaches a certain level. You are free to choose which quests you prefer to perform: tracking of merchant ships, destroying enemy ships, delivery of goods, and the like.

 Welcome to the Andromeda 5

All fights in the space simulator online Andromeda 5 are in real time, you select the target and attack it. You are given a pretty extensive selection of starships, here are some of them: the destroyer, the vulture, the avenger, the tiger and the snake. All of them are characterized by six main parameters, each of which you will be able to pump at their own discretion.

Join now, start to play the game online Andromeda 5 now! Conquer the boundless space 3D space, full of danger and adventure! Register at the official website of Andromeda 5!

How to start playing Andromeda 5?

Andromeda 5 is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Andromeda 5.

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