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EVE online – multiplayer game with elements of space simulator and role-playing game that has won the recognition of the huge number of gamers.

The game EVE online carry us into the future, to a distant galaxy. Scientists had found the space-time tunnel, moving in a remote and unexplored part of the universe. This tunnel is called «EVE». Thanks «EVE» humankind has been able to mass development of new territories.

EVE online - space

But soon after the inexplicable cataclysm, the tunnel was closed, the connection with the earth has been lost. All colonies were in total isolation and without support, fighting for their own survival.

Subsequently, the descendants of four factions were formed, and they continued to grow in the new environment of the universe EVE. At first, everything was in order, but with the growth of population, inevitably began to flare armed conflicts and wars.

As mentioned earlier, EVE online gaming are four factions:

- State Koldari – industrious race of people. Women decency, each with their own views on life. Men are proud and independent;

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- Amarr Empire – honored traditions of their ancestors, proud and arrogant. Women reasonable and vindictive, cruel man, but always ponder the consequences of their actions;

- The Gallente Federation – the freedom and independence – above all! The only democratic formation. Women are kind and considerate, brave and ambitious man;

- Minmatar Republic – with its small stature, the representatives of this race are elegant and flexible. Women are generous and sensitive, intelligent man, and strive for excellence.

Each fraction of a socio-political system, which adds to the game a certain realism.

When creating your character in EVE online, you can choose the race, gender, appearance, place of work and innate characteristics. Character is given a spaceship with basic equipment.

Welcome to EVE online

After a short training program, which introduces you into the swing of things, you have complete freedom of action in the vast world of EVE. In the process of fighting game EVE online is very similar to the other, full of space battles, the game Casus Belli online.

In EVE online a large selection of ways to develop your character. You can work in the military associations, can carry out quests, similar to those that you were in the training, you can become a conqueror of intergalactic space, and a bounty hunter, or if you are more tempted by the peaceful existence, can become a diplomat, a truck driver, a miner or trader.

All fans desperate cosmic velocities, chases and shootouts, EVE online certainly will like. Join us, you will not be disappointed!

How to start playing EVE online?

To enter the EVE online game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the EVE online game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

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