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World of Tanks - set your world tank order!

World of Tanks – massively multiplayer online game, which is dedicate to the armored vehicles the middle of the last century. In the World of Tanks you will be able to fight with fans of steel monsters from all over the world, defending your claims to world tank domination.

With the help of an advanced system of leveling and development, you will be able to experience any of the combat vehicles in the game.

In the hands of the professional machine of any class can be a real lethal weapon, no matter whether you like to wear down the enemy with fast light tanks, make incredible breakthroughs in the universal medium, destroy enemies with giant strands, or you wish to control the long-range artillery and become a first class sniper.

World of Tanks - let's battle!

But even the strongest players can not achieve anything alone. In the World of Tanks team is everything, and the victory is achieved through well-coordinated team, where each player play a role.

§ Lethal atmosphere of the tank battles

As an MMO action game, World of Tanks is not restricted to this genre. This game does not recognize the standard stamps, giving players a variety of genres.

RPG. Your war machine – it’s not just the armored gun on tracks. This is a constantly evolving creature that needs to be developed and strengthened. Experience and credits earned in battles allow you to explore and to buy better items for your “war horse”, enhancing its original characteristics.

King Tiger in World of Tanks

Action. Command operations for the detection and elimination of enemy tanks, and sudden collision with the enemy, require you lightning fast response and quick, effective action.

Shooter. The mobile camera can turn a game from a third-person action in a full-fledged shooter, allowing enemies to destroy both in normal and in sniper mode.

Strategy. In the World of Tanks operates one simple rule: do not mindlessly heroics. Effective planning of joint actions and competent distribution of roles – that’s the key to overall success.

Cromwell in World of Tanks

§ To battle! Huge selection of tanks

Your arsenal in the World of Tanks game is truly impressive – more than 220 steel machines, which were produced and designed in the Soviet Union, Germany, the UK, France, USA and China in the 30′s to the 50′s of the last century.

You will be able to manage any combat unit – from the legendary tanks of the World War II, such as the T-34, “Tiger” or “Pershing” to experimental models and prototypes, do not leave the walls of the design bureau.

All models of tanks recreated in the real existing prototypes and poised for battle in the game, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of tank battles of the World War II.

Anyone can freely download the World of Tanks game client and, immediately after installing the game, join the battle. No tedious waiting: the development of the crew, access to new tanks and the opening of more advanced modification occur on a background of dynamic PvP-battles in which you can continually participate.

Two permanent opponents - T-34 and PzKmpf IV

§ A large variety of combat maps and Panzer division of the world

The narrow streets of German cities, huge fields of Eastern Europe, or recreate the legendary Prokhorovka – these just a small part of what awaits players in the World of Tanks. A large number of maps with dense urban and open terrain will allow you to apply different tactical ploy because of the particular conditions of combat.

Divided into a global map of the province will take great delight fans of clan wars. Capture the enemy territories, alliances with other clans, to destroy the common opponent, beneficial trade and flexible diplomacy. In the World of Tanks is ruled not only the value of the caliber, but also far-sighted policy.

World of Tanks - soviet tanks in city

World of Tank is constantly being improved and updated, so that in the future you will find a lot of interesting things.

Join now and start playing the World of Tanks game right now! Rewrite the history of the World War II! Create your own invincible tank crew and set your world tank order!

How to start playing World of Tanks?

To enter the World of Tanks game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the World of Tanks game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

World of Tanks update 8.4 trailer

World of Tanks Gamescom 2011 trailer

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