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War Thunder - Feel like a real combat pilot of World War II!

War Thunder online game – is a flight simulator in the genre of real-life, transporting us to the Second World War times.

Several years ago, has become famous, the game World of Tanks. Impressed by the huge success of his creation, the developers immediately took up the development of other branches of service, ie, Navy and Air Force. So there online game World of Battleships and War Thunder. About last game we’ll talk.

War Thunder - let's start a battle

§ Features of War Thunder game. first Steps

War Thunder – not just an arcade – it is something more. Here perfectly seasoned balance of “interestingness-realism-availability”. There is no need to spend a few days to master the intricacies of aircraft control. Selecting arcade mode (the most popular in the War Thunder) you can become a real ace for some hour and a half.

For beginners, the incident is not a sufficient number of hours in the game has a virtual instructor. This hidden assistant will always hold your plane does not make giving an incorrect maneuver. For more efficient maneuvering would be nice to buy a joystick, although control keyboard / mouse in War Thunder worked out just perfectly.

Since virtual instructor will not allow you to fully enjoy the control of aircraft, it is recommended to turn it off after a couple of days when you’ve had enough trained. In the War Thunder online game each aircraft its nature and characteristics of the control, their pros and cons.

War Thunder - attack an enemy ship

§ Planes and locations in War Thunder

In War Thunder you will be able to play for one of the five states participating in the Second World War – a Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, United States and United Kingdom. For each country presents its fleet of several dozen models of aircraft. All planes in the War Thunder worked very carefully and thoroughly, and repeat exactly the planes involved in the Great War.

In the War Thunder online game is virtually no difference between the levels of aircraft. Of course, you will improve your skills and eventually gain access to more advanced technology. But here, in contrast to the same World of Tanks, where the normal tank can not expect to inflict significant damage to a stronger enemy, all aircraft are relatively equal, and each player will be able to knock out the most, it would seem, pumped fenders.

At the controls of the aircraft

This is due to the fact that the developers primarily sought to convey the realities of the maximum air combat and historical authenticity. After all, for the destruction of the aircraft since World War II you do not necessarily have something to do there superweapon, we need only a few well-aimed shots from a machine gun.

In War Thunder also represented a large number of locations – the battle for Stalingrad, the offensive in the Ardennes, the attack on Pearl Harbor, Korsun-operation and much more. In War Thunder you have an opportunity to participate in virtually all the major battles of World War II.

Shoot the enemy

§ Dogfight in War Thunder

The main thing for you to War Thunder – it’s good to know the capabilities of your aircraft, the better you will know them, the closer to victory. Some planes perform well on bends, others boast the best weapons, and others – a higher rate. The mechanism of flight very carefully worked out – depending on the altitude, the aircraft behaves differently, and the bumbling pilot will enter the car quickly to stomp.

For example, Soviet aircraft are highly maneuverable, and German are able to rise to great heights – all these factors should be taken into account in the conduct of the battle in the War Thunder. Nor should we pursue a powerful bomber because his powerful cannon will destroy you in the blink of an eye. Better to attack it from above, taking advantage of their maneuverability.

The bridge is destroyed

War Thunder gives you the opportunity to play a thoughtful and beautiful. Look for benefits of air combat, in which you can find descriptions of all sorts of maneuvers and techniques, helped the pilots of the Second World War to crush the enemy. This will help you achieve the War Thunder even greater success.

As mentioned earlier, the most popular mode in War Thunder online game is an arcade mode. Its essence lies in the fact that two teams from the warring countries in the game, fighting with each other to complete destruction of all airplanes of one party.

Fierce dogfight

Each player in War Thunder can take a few spare aircraft, in order to use them in case of failure of the main plane. However, the replacement aircraft can be taken only under the condition that they will all be different models. Also in War Thunder has unique customization, so you can cover emblems and inscriptions fuselage and wings of your plane.

War Thunder definitely will appeal to all lovers of aviation and military history. The developers tried to fame – it’s really cool game! Feel like a real combat pilot of World War II! Join now! Sign up on the War Thunder official website!

How to start playing War Thunder Online game?

To enter the War Thunder game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the War Thunder game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

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