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Wizardry Online game - a real hardcore MMORPG!

Wizardry Online – hardcore free-2-playonline game, based on the eponymous series of classic RPG. The action takes place in a rather gloomy, but stylish fantasy world with well-developed history and mythology.

Wizardry Online differs pretty complicated gameplay: open PvP, steal from other players, the possibility of losing the character in battle and eccentricity of the quests increases the value of each level earned and encourages players to cooperate.

Gloomy world of Wizardry Online

§ Character classes in Wizardry Online

When creating a character in Wizardry Online is available four professions – warrior, mage, thief and a priest, but as the game has the ability to combine skills.

- warrior – a real killing machine. Well armored and protected from physical damage, but is not able to cast and nothing can oppose against magic. As the level increases warrior becomes a tank;

- priest – is a classic cleric, very useful in group battles, but quite problematic character in a single game;

Wizardry Online - characters

- thief – dressed in light armor and poorly protected, but it compensates with ease his agility, on it pretty hard to get. Prefers to strike back;

- mage – with help of his magic spells and fireballs, able to cause very significant damage to the enemy, but poorly armored and heavily dependent on mana, which does not recover by itself. Just as the priest, is very useful in group play, but very weak alone.

Wizardry Online - bloody fight

§ Gameplay, player killers and battles in Wizardry Online

Wizardry Online is not for nothing is called hardcore game: you meet a lot of enemies on your way, and they will beat painfully. Their attacks will spoil your outfit, pick up health and mana. Health can be returned by the mage, or healing potion, but mana is not reversed itself.

Mana in Wizardry Online is updated by using a special well, one replenishment is enough for three or four times.

Wizardry Online - angry boss

Unlike other online action in Wizardry Online all dungeons are an integral part of the game world, and it is quite possible to stumble upon the same players like you, the player killers including.

And if the other games need an invitation to a duel and other stuff, in Wizardry Online is very simple – destroy everything that comes in your way. And nobody banned you, and do not limit your ability. The only external difference of player killer from the other players – it’s red light.

In hardcore game Wizardry Online is the ultimate death. It is implemented as follows: with a few fragments of the soul, you hero, after death falls into the shadowy world in which you have to find your corpse and move into it.

Wizardry Online - werewolf

But beware rippers – they are able to pick up some of your pieces. There is also a risk that until you get to your body, it was finally cleaned out by the other players.

Wizardry Online game has excellent graphics and character development, it is likely to appeal to fans of real hardcore games! Join now!

How to start playing Wizardry Online game?

To enter the Wizardry Online game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the Wizardry Online game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

Wizardry Online trailer

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