The West

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Become a storm all western states!

The West game – is a browser-based online western, with the high components of this genre: sheriffs, cowboys, stagecoaches and other Indians.

Starting to play in The West online, you get your hands on the poor, penniless character, all the property which constitute gray rags and worn shoes. Initially, you will need to get a job that does not require any professional skills. You can fish, chasing crows on the field, and so have a little patience before you entrust a responsible job.

The West - your town

Work is a major pastime for beginners in online game The West. Availability of labor is determined by points. The number of labor points in The West is the sum of the skills embedded in the characteristics necessary for operation.

The difference between the amount of labor required for the points and get the value of this work determines whether you can take for its implementation or not. At first, the job will be practically the only way to increase your hero.

Good bothering you, as a bonus, will receive completely useless at first glance stuff like barbed wire, beans, tobacco, and the like. In fact, these strange trophies require many employers in The West online game.

The West - saloon

Make all this good, any other way, except after working, you will not succeed. You can also earn some bucks, you earn shake off “artifacts” in the local shop. Some of you have earned in The West online trophies may be needed during the construction of the fort, however, these trophies will be available only after the high-level work.

At the end of each level, your hero charged three points and one point skill characteristics. These points should be distributed slowly and thoughtfully, although bungle pumping hero in the game The West online pretty difficult. Total in this western has four characteristics and twenty skills, combining which opens a wide scope for you to develop your hero. The path of the hero in the game The West is best to think for a couple of levels ahead.

The West - duel

After a certain time of the game, you will come to the conclusion that a lonely life – not the best pastime in The West online. Therefore, the optimal solution will be relocating to one of the growing cities, of which the Wild West – a dime a dozen.

Developing cities gladly accept beginners, because they need builders, miners resources, the soldiers who will defend the city against enemy attacks. In the city you can get free accommodation, safe-deposit box, all kinds of discounts in shops and other benefits of the civilized world. But most importantly – an opportunity to participate in duels.

The West - attack!

You can duel players from any urban saloon, the main thing that he had no restrictions on participation in duels and fits your level. Points are awarded to the winner duel, and he gets a small amount of the defeated enemy.

The West – is not just a game, it is a huge online world, this club wild west! Join now, become a storm all western states!

How to start playing The West online?

The West is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game The West.

The West online trailer

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