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Ikariam - become the true hero of Greece!

Ikariam – is a free online browser game, which sends us back to the antiquity. Externally, Ikariam is similar to such games, as Grepolis and Travian, which we have described earlier at 4GameGround.com. The game combines military, economic and political strategy and will allow you to unleash all your hidden talents of the great ruler.

Your main goal, in this game about ancient Greece, is an organization of people and their involvement in the construction of the policy, trade, economic management, and participation in military campaigns.

All the events of the online game Ikariam take place on the island, so all of your success depends on the relationship with the adjacent islands.

When you start playing the Ikariam game, you will have at your disposal a small village on a bare patch of land, and forty inhabitants in it. As you can see – all this is more than modest.

Ikariam - the beginning

Therefore, in order to make your plans to conquer the world to implement, you will need to organize work for your people and collect taxes from them.

To control the game, in Ikariam online, you will have three types of maps:

- the first map will display your current location;

- the second map – shows the area that is designed for arrangement in the future. t also shows the ownership of the adjacent players;

- the third map – it’s a global map of the entire game world Ikariam. It displays the ownership of your allies and your opponents’ possessions.

Ikariam - your island

As expected in any military-economic strategy, for the successful development of your empire in the Ikariam game, you need resources. Here are the following resources: marble, grapes, crystal, sulfur and building materials. Not every island in the game is rich with all kinds of resources. On some islands may not be some of the resources.

In order to get the resources you need to build your empire, you will be required to establish diplomatic relations and to develop trade with your neighbors. In case, if the neighbors do not go with you to the contact, you can use the force and seize the resources you need.

In the online game about ancient Greece Ikariam you can enter into alliances that will provide you with the stability and confidence in the future. Do not shrink from alliances; otherwise you may become a victim of an enemy alliance.

Ikariam - your powerfull city

Everything in the Ikariam game is dependent on your choice of tactics. You can take the path of conquest and subjugation of weaker nations, or can exist peacefully, developing trade relations with neighboring policies.

Join now and start playing the online game Ikariam, demonstrate your talent wise politician and a fearless commander! Create your own state with a strong and invincible army! Walk all the way – from the small Greek city, to a mighty empire! Become the true hero of Greece!

How to start playing Ikariam?

Ikariam is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Ikariam.

Ikariam trailer

Ikariam images