Galaxy Online 2

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Play Galaxy Online 2 game online for free

Galaxy Online 2 game – is a browser-based space strategy, in which you will receive at their disposal a small ship and the planet on which you will build your own powerful empire and begin military expansion on neighboring planets and galaxies.

At the core of Galaxy Online 2 are primarily mass-scale space battles in which you fight the enemy with Starfleet, and putting them into powerful alliances with other players to claim their right to supremacy in the galaxy.

 Galaxy Online 2 - the beginning

§ The first steps in the world of Galaxy Online 2. The ships and resources

Starting play space game Galaxy Online 2 and passed the procedure of registration, you will receive a small sum of fifty dollars needed for the initial development of the planet.

To create your intergalactic fleet invincible, Galaxy Online 2 provides you with a huge variety of ships, with the possibility of tuning out of their appearance and characteristics.

Space strategy Galaxy Online 2 will not let you relax for a minute, the constant attack of space pirates and other players will make all the time to be alert. Balancing the protection of their own possessions and attacks on its neighbors, you will inevitably promote their empire to the galactic domination.

Galaxy Online 2 - your base

For the development of the database and improve the already existing buildings, you will be able to produce on his planet all sorts of resources. So you will be able to produce them on the planets of its allies, that will only speed up your development. In addition, you have the ability to impose exorbitant taxes the population and make the most of his last gold, explaining it by building a brighter future.

§ quests and battle in Galaxy Online 2

The military strategy of Galaxy Online 2 there are a number of various story quests that makes the gameplay more varied and exciting.

Galaxy Online 2 - in the space

During quests you, for example, will be collected from their territories specified number of resources to build in the allotted period of time certain buildings, to contribute to the expense of development and prosperity of the alliance, in which you are a member.

There are jobs in which you will need to help their allies in the alliance, both militarily and materially. This will allow you not only get due for this award, but also significantly strengthen relations with its allies. Sharing resources today, you can get reinforcements in saving critical time tomorrow.

The Space Game Galaxy Online 2 battles can take place between the relatively small units, and between whole Starfleet. In combat, it all depends on your skill and level of development. The battle will continue as long as you will not wipe his opponent in the space dust.

Galaxy Online 2 - your army

Among the interesting features of the strategy Galaxy Online 2 can acknowledge the presence here for Wheel of Fortune, which allows the most active players in the game regularly trading, receive the most unexpected and very valuable reward.

Galaxy Online 2 has excellent graphics and a saturated gameplay, it can permanently tighten the player in your world. And the availability of games on tablets and mobile phones, it brings a whole new level and makes it even more popular among the players.

Join now, start playing space strategy Galaxy Online 2 right now! Fight the enemy fleet, develop their civilization and create the most powerful space empire!

How to start playing Galaxy Online 2?

Galaxy Online 2 is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Galaxy Online 2.

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