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Play CARNAGE game online for free

Carnage online game – is a browser MMORPG, taking us into the world of the Middle Ages, the world is full of bloody wars and civil strife, a world of castles and knights’ fights.

A well-designed game world and unexpected plot twists Carnage online offer a huge opportunity to develop your character. Each opponent who will meet on your way, here lies the living girok, but because the outcome of any battle is unpredictable.

Carnage - camp

Starting to play in Carnage online, you immediately plunge into a world where everything is literally permeated with gloomy medieval atmosphere. World online game Carnage inhabit people of other races here. For each character in Carnage online there is a system inclinations, gives it certain properties, capabilities and traits.

Addiction, the game Carnage online – is darkness, light, chaos and order, to seize one of them, you will need to call upon the consul and go interview him.

Any player who has reached the online game Carnage fifth level, can receive the consul, the vote is held once a month. Get propensity players guided by karma, which helps to make best use of its capabilities.

The more you will have karma, the more you will have titles and options. For the chaos and darkness of karma figure to be less than zero, and for order and light, respectively – more, otherwise the benefits disappear automatically inclinations.

Carnage players

Every tendency in the game Carnage online, it gives the holder certain features that, over time, only to expand:

- Darkness – gives vampire abilities, allowing for the expense of other players to recover their vitality;

- Light – gives protection against the vampires and the ability to resurrect other players;

- Procedure – it gives the enemy the ability to subordination to his will, forcing him to fight by your side;

Carnage castle

- Chaos – gives its owners the ability to become invisible, and by the change in the direction of the battle.

The game Carnage online there are several unique cities. In one city dungeons available in the other – fishing, whereas the third – are fair fights.

Every new player starts with Carnage online, is located in the castle, the room for newcomers. Here, you will pass the training, as well as find yourself a mentor, in the face of more experienced players. Find a mentor in the game Carnage online you do not make much effort – from the first minute you simply overwhelmed with offers.

It is not necessary to abandon the help of a mentor, as it will help you to quickly deal with all the intricacies of the mysterious medieval world online game Carnage. For example, will help you choose the right weapons and equipment, prior to your first fight.

Players in Carnage

Battles in the game Carnage online are incremental. Altogether there are seven types of combat:

- Duel – player player;

- Training fight – need for new players;

- Team battle – wall to wall;

- Chopper – the winner is the only surviving player;

- Chaotic battle – a battle in which players are divided into equal groups of forces;

- Tournament – fight four on four, two by two, etc .;

- Arena – fight one on one with an opponent is automatically selected.

The winner of the fight in Carnage online and gains experience, you always get a new title, valor and karma.

Carnage town

In Carnage online game there is only one, serving as moderator, the guild – the Inquisition. The Inquisition, as in the Middle Ages, interact with the players and the administration. But the clans in Carnage online, rife. Also in the game Carnage online features five professions: merchant priest mentor, mercenary and a healer.

Carnage Online – a classic, never out of date, browser game, capable of long to tighten its fascinating world of medieval castles, knights and bloody battles. Join now, start playing Carnage online Feel like a real warrior of the Middle Ages!

How to start playing Carnage?

Carnage is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Carnage.

Carnage trailer

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