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Battle Space Online game – is a browser-military space strategy where you have to take command of a military base on one of the planets of our vast galaxy.

In Battle Space you will develop your base, gather resources, build a mining and industrial buildings, improve the existing structure, conduct research and reflect enemy attacks.

 Battle Space - ready for battle

§ How it was. Background occurring in the Battle Space Event

Experiments with gravity will bring to no good. The inhabitants of the earth have seen this, when a handful of scientists have experimented so far that the world began the process of destruction of the earth’s crust. Already in 2240 killed almost all living organisms, and humanity was threatened with extinction.

To exit from this situation urgently organization was created Order. The composition of the Order consisted of prominent scientists, researchers, and policy. All they quickly came to the conclusion that the Earth is doomed, too late to do anything, and you need to look for a new home.

The search continued for many years. Gradually, people began to explore and colonize the planet vending build on them the city to develop mining resources, in general, do everything in order to establish a normal life in a new environment.

Over time, however, the people, the inhabitants of different planets have started to compete with each other. Confrontation became increasingly develop into a full-scale space battles. Gradually mastered the former planet earthlings began to turn into the most real military bases, and their residents are armed to the teeth warriors.

 Battle Space - kill'em all

§ What is what. The first steps in the online game Battle Space

Despite the apparent complexity of the original, all the wisdom of the gameplay Battle Space you can pretty easy to learn by doing some training missions.

The very first of your building will be solar panels, because without energy, you will not be able to start commercial development of the world entrusted to you, will not be able to start production of metal, crystal and deuterium (basic building materials in the Battle Space online game).

For the construction and improvement of buildings, you will need not only time and resources, but also the presence of certain technologies. For example, to build a factory nanites first level, you will need to have robots and factories developed up to the tenth level of computer technology.

Metal and crystals in the online game Battle Space primarily used for construction of buildings and space fleet. Deuterium is mainly used for all kinds of research.

Battle Space - choose your planet

§ The value of Starfleet in space battles

Battle Space Online game is a primarily military strategy, the most important because it is the construction of the space fleet. All you need to do can be found at the shipyard.

At the shipyard presented a variety of combat, transport and reconnaissance ships. This light fighters, and spy satellites and bombers and battleships, and cruisers in the Battle Space has even the Death Star, which, apart from spacecraft, capable of destroying small planet.

Of course, the construction of such powerful weapons will cost you a large amount of resources and can take several weeks to real time. But believe me, it’s worth it. After all, online game Battle Space focused on PvP, and what could be better than to crush, then plunder the enemy base, and then another, and to impose its exorbitant tribute?

Battle Space - battleships

If you are supporter of online strategy genre Sci-Fi, Space Battles is definitely for you! Join now, start playing Battle Space! This game is a long time can become your favorite pastime!

How to start playing Battle Space?

Battle Space is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Battle Space.

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