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Wartune - save Balenor from the forces of evil!

Online game Wartune – is a browser MMORPG with elements of strategy. In Wartune you become the owner of the city in which you have to develop the economy, recruit troops and fight the whole hordes of demons. In addition, you will develop your character, explore dungeons and fight on the PvP-arena with other players.

Despite the fact that Wartune a browser game, it is superior to some MMORPG on the quantity and quality of content.

Wartune - your city

§ Your city in Wartune

After the introductory training, character gets its own city, which will serve him as a base. In the city you will be able to recruit troops, build and improve your equipment and take part in PvP-battles in the arena, and much more.

Almost with each new level of your hero, will be open new opportunities in your city. With the built-in mini-game Farm, you will be able to grow vegetables and fruits in the areas adjacent to the city.

The Farm is located on the principle of most social games – planting vegetables, harvest, helping friends. On the Farm you will be able to get the resources that are needed in the main game, and the rest between feats of arms and other manifestations of heroism.

Wartune - create character

§ The heroes in Wartune

In the online game Wartune presented three types of characters: knight, mage and archer.

Knight. Armed with a large two-handed sword and dressed in a strong heavy armor. The main task of the knight – is to take the brunt of the enemy and did not allow him to move on. In addition to performing the functions of protection, the knight is able to inflict devastating blows with his sword.

Mag. At first glance, is the weakest of the characters in Wartune – dressed in simple clothes and holding a staff in his hand. But, as a set of practices, the magician becomes a real machine of destruction, it spells kill the enemy on the spot, while the magician is practically invulnerable.

Archer. Armed with a crossbow and wearing light leather armor. Almost all of the archer skills, one way or another, associated with the shooting.

The battle in Wartune

§ The combat system in Wartune

All the fights in Wartune take place in steps. Before each battle heroes have time to prepare: before each battle heroes have time to prepare: you can hire and arrange in order of battle troops, sip some refreshing potions and so on.

On the alignment of the characters on the battlefield depends on who will take the first hit. The first series will be most reasonable to put knights, next best place mages and archers, from where they will be able to calmly strike the enemy, without fear of retaliation.

During the battle, the heroes strike blows with each other, the player is required timely application of special skills. Special skills in Wartune divided into two groups.

The first group collects resource rage, while the second group absorbs this resource. Therefore, at the beginning of the battle you will have to accumulate as much rage, then to unleash it on the enemy in full.

The farm

§ PvP in Wartune

Improvement of equipment, the development of talent trees and recruitment of troops – is not for the simple single player campaign. The main highlight of the game is PvP-battles and guild wars. Here it becomes clear, why you did develop your character.

PvP battles in Wartune are divided into three types: group matches, one-on-one duels and battles between guilds. For top guilds of the server provides the possibility of regular participation in battles for territory and resources.

Wartune – this is a whole mosaic of interesting details and trivia. You can spend days sitting at this game and never get bored.


We would like to mention the graphics and sound of Wartune game. All characters and monsters (which, it should be noted, about a hundred species), location and construction worked just fine. Each location in the game has its own soundtracks. The popularity of Wartune evidenced by the simple fact that the U.S. is constantly open up new servers.

Join now and start playing in Wartune now! Rob, fight with the world boss, build rock solid alliances and make new friends!

How to start playing Wartune?

Wartune is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Wartune.

Wartune trailer

Wartune images