Pirates Tides of Fortune

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Play Pirates Tides of Fortune game online for free!

Pirates Tides of Fortune Online Game – a free military-economic strategy of the company Plarium (also known by previously described to us 4gameground, game Total Domination), where you have to plunge into the adventure full of dangerous and risky gambles life pirates.

The Pirates Tides of Fortune offers fierce sea battle and the chase, the development of their own island and attack (with the subsequent capture, and robbery) to the islands of the enemy.

 Pirates Tides of Fortune - your island

§ Islands and built in online game Pirates

Your island will be the center of your pirate empire. Here you have to do the extraction of resources, training, team building ships and auxiliary buildings.

To accommodate ships and protect them from the weather, the island has a harbor, for protection from the enemy attack on your territory and treasures – all sorts of defenses.

With the commandant you can control the entire living on your island rabble. In identifying unreliable masters will help shore brotherhood.

The Pirates Tides of Fortune online strategy all the buildings that you can build on your island, divided into four main groups:

Pirates Tides of Fortune - map

- resource – a very important type of buildings without them in Pirates Tides of Fortune can not do. It is here that will be produced and made all the necessary resources to you in the game;

- fighting – perhaps the most important part of the buildings, however, as in any military strategy. In these buildings made weapons and takes control of your army;

- command – the function of administration, hence the administration of the island is made and the relationship with the other players, the conclusion of mutually beneficial alliances and training;

- protective – all kinds of fortifications constructed along the coast and within the island, designed to repel enemy attacks.

 Pirates Tides of Fortune - fortress

§ Resources in the Pirates game

The Pirates Tides of Fortune have three types of resources: rum, gold and wood. All of them require you to create all kinds of facilities on the island, build ships and crews for their recruitment, research and so on.

For each resource, it is possible to build up to five buildings, each of which can be developed to the twentieth level, which greatly increases the amount of resource extraction.

As befits this pirate game, the most important resource in the Pirates Tides of Fortune is set. While the cellars are full of rum, your thugs will always be with you and are ready to fight to the last. But as soon as the rum over, from your team and trail get cold. Therefore, always make sure that you have enough rum.

 Pirates Tides of Fortune - marauder

The Pirates Tides of Fortune online strategy you can team up with other players in order and join the fight for the colony. Owning a colony will allow you to greatly expand its influence. Also, you can get a royal patent for privateering, which will make your fleet virtually invincible.

Join now, start playing the Pirates Tides of Fortune online game right now! Create your own pirate fleet invincible, grab all the islands and the colonies! Register at the official website of Pirates!

How to start playing Pirates Tides of Fortune?

Pirates Tides of Fortune is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Pirates Tides of Fortune.

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