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Play Affected Zone game online for free!

Affected Zone – a new free multiplayer online game from the creators of the previously described to us 4GameGround, the game Total Influence. The Affected Zone you will act as the head of the detachment of mercenaries, as well as the conqueror and explorer parallel to our world of the Zone.

Four corporations are struggling in Affected Zone for a key position on the world map. Will you join one of them, or organize their own team – it’s up to you!

Affected Zone - town battle

§ The plot of the Affected Zone game online

The main value of the Affected Zone world – This blue crystals having properties that have helped mankind to solve risen sharply in 2025 the energy problem.

Since then, in the search for crystals, adventurers of all stripes try to get to the cherished Zone portal using Nikola Tesla. But production of blue crystals is not only against the background of acute competition between the mercenaries.

The Affected Zone you have to confront heavily mutated descendants of the first settlers, and the bloodthirsty monsters underground, emerged after a long series of terrible and devastating disasters.

Affected Zone - battle near the bridge

§ Classes in the Affected Zone

The Affected Zone of your choice are four character classes: commando assault infantry, heavy infantry and fire support.

Commandos. The fastest and most agile class Affected Zone, unsurpassed intelligence. Commandos can fight at long distances and explore the deployment of enemy positions.

As the weapons used assault and sniper rifles, grenades and mines. For intelligence actively use dogs and combat drones.

Specialization commandos divided into scout sniper and miner.

Assault infantry. Universal soldiers, which support the main attacking force command (mostly heavy infantry). Stormtroopers can take an active part in the attack and defense very well kept.

Affected Zone - barricads

In line with its specialization, attack in Affected Zone used light machine guns, hand-held grenade launchers and assault rifles.

Heavy infantry. They have a very powerful armor and weapons, and because, despite its relative slowness, are ideal breakout forces. Heavy infantry with the same efficiency can be used for frontal attack enemy positions, and to defend strategically important objects.

Armed with heavy machine guns, grenade launchers drum, shotguns and flamethrowers.

Fire support. The most powerful and long-range fighters Affected Zone. Their main goal – is to inflict maximum damage to the enemy positions at large distances. Actively support all the other classes in the attack. As ATGM weapon used, as well as heavy machine guns and grenade launchers.

 Affected Zone - forest battle

§ The combat system Affected Zone

The combat system the Affected Zone online game is nothing daunting and tricky. In order to win the round, you will need to capture the flag of the enemy and hold them for a certain length of time.

The enemy, of course, will try to take away your position captured, but a couple of well-aimed machine-gun bursts quickly cool his ardor. The more you grab the points on the map, the greater your chances of winning – it’s simple!

 Affected Zone - river

In developing Affected Zone have been used the most advanced graphics technology, this enormous online world paid attention to even minor at first glance, little things. Excellent detailed landscapes combine the mysterious natural phenomena with features of the North American continent.

In the Affected Zone you will find a large variety of units, about one hundred and fifty types of weapons and a lot of opportunities for full-fledged military expansion.

Join now, start to play the game online Affected Zone, test yourself in this mysterious cruel world! And good luck in battle!

How to start playing Affected Zone?

Affected Zone is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Affected Zone.

Affected Zone trailer

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