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Metin 2 - free MMORPG world!

Metin 2 online game – is the eastern MMORPG with a focus on GvG-battle (guild against guild). Metin 2 plunges you into the world of oriental fantasy in which you are waiting for an incredible and exciting adventure, here you become a true master of martial arts that can save the world from the invasion of the dark forces of evil.

Through the use of a unique game system Multiple Targets Fighting System, you have the opportunity to participate in fights with multiple opponents simultaneously, thereby becoming more dynamic battles and look really epic.

Metin 2 - desert

§ History of the World Metin 2. Grotto exiles

Since the beginning of time two brothers: God Baljit-Elvedin and god of destruction Beran-Seth, as well as their sister goddess of creation Bahar-Taraji maintain a balance components of peace.

People are very afraid of Beran-Seth, and therefore prayed Baljit-Elvedin and Bahar-Taraji. This situation is constantly evoked Beran-Seth jealousy bordering on hatred. It ended banal killing of the Bahar-Taraji goddess.

Kill immediately entailed immersing world into eternal winter, went even to the gods. Realizing the deed, Beran-Seth retired to an underground grotto. Baljit-Elvedin same mourned by his sister, went in search of his brother. After a brief struggle, in which no one was able to win, Baljit-Elvedin sealed cave with his brother and returned safely to the world of people, taking them under his care and protection.

Now very few people know the location of the cave, which eventually became known as the Grotto of the exiles, and those who know do not say anything.

Metin 2 - mass fighting

§ Metin Stones and empire

For a long time the dragon-god watched Hundzho kingdoms of men, and Jinno Shinzo until mysterious impact of the Metin Stones has not transformed the entire continent covered with lacerations, desert. Between the realms of brutal war broke out, and your purpose in this war will be the salvation of the world from the influence of the Metin stones.

Hundzho Empire. Theocratic empire, located on the west of the continent. This empire founded the old emperor’s cousin Jon Young. For disclosure posed by Metin stone threats Jon Young took his wife’s magical powers. But his warning no one wanted to listen, and he had to start the uprising, which has resulted in the disintegration of the old empire. Then, to eliminate the threat posed by Metin, Hundzho waged war with Southern and Western empires.

Gino Empire. Aggressive militarized empire in the east of the continent. Manages empire son of the last emperor ev Riyong. Its main purpose is to restore the old empire under his banner. In Gino officially silenced facts about the impact of the Metin, but constantly conducting research on the possibility of its use in the interests of the empire.

Shinzo Empire. Trading empire, which is placed in the south of the continent. Empire founded by Yoon-Yoing. The main objective of Shinzo – it protect trade routes from attacks from the west and restore the old empire.

Metin 2 - underground

§ Character Classes in eastern online game Metin 2

Starting to play and passed the registration on the official website of Metin 2, you can immediately begin to create your own character. You can choose from four classes: warrior, shaman, ninja and sura.

Warrior. Due to its heavy armor, warriors play a very important role in the fight at close range. Have high fortitude and endurance, armed with a heavy two-handed sword.

Shaman. Through the use of magic spells, is very effective in combat in conjunction with the soldiers. From spells shamans are able to increase attack power and influence of medical elixirs.

Sura. Become the side of the forces of evil warriors, get over it magical abilities.

Ninja. Professional killers ambush. Quick and nimble, clothed in light armor. Masters of bow and dagger.

Metin 2 - hell gates

Online game in the style of oriental fantasy Metin 2 has excellent plotting and detail of the characters and the surrounding landscapes. Great abundance of monsters and real opponents. Together in guilds with other players, you will be able to storm enemy castles and conduct mass GvG-battle.

Join now and start playing the Metin 2 online game right now! Feel the atmosphere of the East and his martial arts! Sign up on the official Metin 2 site!

How to start playing Metin 2 Online game?

To enter the Metin 2 game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the Metin 2 game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

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