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Medieval - conquer the whole kingdom!

Medieval online – is a multiplayer online strategy with elements of RPG. The game takes you into the Middle Ages, in England the XII century, and will give you the opportunity to turn the course of history the way you want.

Medieval online put on the same engine as described earlier in the 4GameGround, Total Influence, which, in turn, gives the game a sufficient degree of realism. Approximately, it all looks like a kind of mixture of Stronghold Kingdoms, and the Settlers online, only bigger version and strongly reminiscent of a series of games Total War, gameplay.

The main emphasis is on the development of in-game combat units and PvP-battle. Having started as a lone knight, you will gradually gain experience and eventually get the command of a pretty large detachment of soldiers.

Medieval online world

§ History of the World Medieval online

After going a long way, the English kingdom entered the era of the High Middle Ages. It took more than one century the formation of the state, many ordeals fell to his lot.

Why not just experienced English soil. The power of the mighty Rome, ruthless invasion of the Saxons, the Norman conquest …

In the middle of the XII century, in the beginning of the reign of the dynasty Plantagenet, going rapid development of the English state. But the development is greatly hampered by the constant participation of its rulers in the grand military operations – adventures, now known as the Crusades.

 Medieval online - church

§ Features Medieval online

Classes. In the online game Medieval presented three basic class – it’s Ironclad, hands and foot soldier. You can develop your characters specialization spearman, archer or swordsman. Thus any restriction on the way of development is not. You can at any time begin to learn skills other classes, and thus create your own style of play.

A large set of skills. Each class in Medieval online is just a huge range of skills, each of which is pumped at the expense of points received for the battle with the other players. After going across, I must say a very extensive branch of your character, you can become a legend worthy to be inscribed in the annals of history in big letters!

Collective battle. The dynamic combat system the Medieval online game quite organically combines taking place in real time, exciting team battles, and a decent selection of tactical possibilities. A lot of variety of combat cards, offers you a lot of room to maneuver and tactical actions.

Medieval online - settlement

Command detachment. The main feature of Medieval online are the aforementioned groups. Under your command is given sixteen brave mercenary fighters, each of which you can personally manage the battlefield. The higher your level, the more you get the fighters at its disposal. Develop commander, way up from an ordinary soldier to the marshal!

Authentic weapons. By participating in the battles, you’ll earn money that can buy their soldiers new armor and weapons. The entire military-industrial complex Medieval online is accurate and corresponds to a real medieval samples.

Clan wars. You have the opportunity to team up with other players and participate in clan wars. Conquer the whole kingdom, prove that you are not just a skilled military leader, but also a wise ruler.

 Medieval online - fight

§ Your first fight in Medieval online

To start your first fight, you will need to select their commander and press “in the fight.” After that start automatically search for an opponent, and when it is found, download a map of the battle.

All fights in the online game Medieval take place in real time. On one map battle between the two teams are competing players. The main task of your team – so, capturing flags, first dial-five thousand points.

To capture the flag, it is necessary that one of the fighters came within range. Each team has their starting flags, in other words the camp, capture them, depriving the enemy of revival.

Everyone who died in Medieval online character who has the ability, over time, will be reborn in his camp. Of course, if the camp is not captured by the enemy.

Medieval online - in castle

§ Development of character and mercenaries in Medieval online

By participating and winning the battles, your character will gain experience necessary for the development of the chosen specialization, as well as the development of glasses with which you will be able to learn skills.

Each increase in specialization gives you access to new equipment and skills. You can at any time change the specialization of your character, but at the same time we should not forget that each requires its own specialized equipment.

Medieval online - forest

The main character in Medieval online simultaneously developed as a branch of the art of the commander, and in the branch of military affairs. By branch commander, your character moves due commanding points, which it receives during the battle.

After studying art in a branch of the commander, the ability to expand the order, you will be able to type in a new detachment of fighters for hire that you will need to go to the market of employment.

Like any normal person, everyone wants to have a mercenary, therefore, it is required to pay salaries regularly. Not a single mercenary to fight will not go free.

Medieval online - unit

Medieval online is a young project, and at the moment, is at the very beginning of his very promising path. In the future, developers plan to introduce many interesting innovations – this full strategic element and siege castles and the feudal system, and much more! This game is certainly worthy of attention.

Can you take on the responsibilities of the commander, gather a group of brave fighters and joined forces with other players to capture the whole kingdom? In Medieval online for you all options are open! Try, England waiting for its hero!

How to start playing Medieval?

To enter the Medieval game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the Medieval game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

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