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Play Escilon game online for free

Escilon Online game – is a browser MMORPG, where you can feel like the most natural Neanderthal caveman that is trying not only to survive in the harsh conditions of the primitive communal system, but also take it to its rightful place, the most worthy, if possible.

§ The first steps in the Escilon game

So you started playing Escilon. Where to start, what to do novice in this earliest period of cultural and historical development of human society? Yes, anything, a lot of variants! You can go hunting, the creation of weapons and equipment, Mining, duel, completing quests, or simply chat with other players in the game chat.

Escilon - your settlement

Lovers of peaceful co-existence can go to gather resources and explore the world. Leaving his cave village, you immediately seem on the global map over which is superimposed a grid. In the online game Escilon moving on the locations is not instantaneous and takes a few seconds. At this time you can see a photo of the area.

Each location is inhabited by its animal species and contains a variety of resources. For attacks on vending animal you simply double-click on the appropriate tab. The same should be done for the extraction of resources.

 Escilon - your land

§ The combat system of Escilon

The further you move away from their village, the stronger will become found you on the road monsters, but at the same time a reward for the killing of these monsters will be much more. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to attack the monster with a higher level of development than your character as to emerge victorious from this fight you are unlikely to succeed.

It is worth noting that the online game Escilon pretty interesting implementation of the combat system. The basis of this system is the classic technique of warfare, the type of punch-block, but with significant amendments. In Escilon you can beat feet, hands and head can apply towards their enemy magic or weapons, if of course you have.

Escilon - island

You will be limited by the number of units of action, it is from them will depend on where, how and what you will be able to hit your opponent. During the fights you will emerge a variety of situations, the opponent will be skillfully dodge punches and put blocks to put you in excess of the damage, in other words a critical hit.

And here the developers online games Escilon went a bit further and further tightened the situation to the standard system. Here you can stun your opponent, thereby reducing its performance, you can knock down, for a while depriving it of the possibility of attack.

Escilon animals

§ leveling in Escilon

The online game is not very much Escilon quest assignments because pumping his hero you happen to merciless destruction by representatives of the local prehistoric fauna on an industrial scale.

With each new level your character will receive a certain number of articles as well as skill points that you can spend on improving his skills and fundamental characteristics.

Even at the initial stage of the game you would do well to think about crafter profession and the benefits that it provides. This clothing, weapons, and ointments, and additional experience. Although, if you wish, you can still buy it for shells (game currency) in the temple of Opifex.

 Welcome to Escilon

As we described earlier on 4GameGround, the game Forge of Empires, in Escilon you happen to pass through five eras of humanity, united with a single storyline. Prehistoric World of Escilon is in constant development, the game all the time there is something new, so bored just do not have!

Join now, start to play the Escilon online game, plunge into the world of primitive civilization, feel like a real savage!

How to start playing Escilon?

Escilon is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Escilon.

Escilon trailer

Escilon images