Alliance Warfare

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Play Alliance Warfare game online for free!

Alliance Warfare – a new free browser based online real time strategy game, where you have to lead a desperate struggle for resources, and create their capture enemy cities, to develop an army and enter into alliances with allies.

The Alliance Warfare you will find a trip to the world, which once ruled the wise ancient gods, which eventually turned against people because of their constant wars and strife. As a result, humanity has been divided into four races that have been resettled in their separate continents, where they can do whatever they want and do not interfere with the gods.

Alliance Warfare - castles

§ Features Online Strategy Alliance Warfare

So, your main mission in the Alliance Warfare will be the development and strengthening of the city, as well as preparing his troops for the invasion and conquest of neighboring territories.

Having started to play and after you register on the official website Alliance Warfare, you will receive at their disposal a small village to the town hall, a tavern and a few buildings. Now you will need to build both new and old buildings to develop their settlement.

For the development of the settlements you naturally need resources, money and technology. Resources in all four Alliance Warfare – a stone, wood, iron and gold. Technology development will depend on whether you have both resources and money. The game has three main areas of technological development: the military, and scientific resource.

Get the resources and the money you can by the construction and operation of mines, sawmills, quarries and farms. So you can capture all that is good, attacking other players, exploring ghost towns, or playing in the same structure in the Alliance Warfare roulette.

Alliance Warfare - your town

§ Battles in Alliance Warfare

As mentioned above, in the Alliance Warfare, you can grab the resources at their opponents. Battles take place here in the automatic mode, you will need only to specify the purpose of his troops.

However, the success of the military operations, you will need to properly prepare his army, recruit and train the necessary soldiers and officers. The Alliance Warfare presented and infantrymen and cavalrymen and sailors, and the scouts, and many, many others.

But the main feature of the Alliance Warfare is still involved in the alliance. Join the Alliance you liked, you can reach the ninth level. Participation in the alliance will significantly speed up your development and to protect your city from enemy invasion.

Alliance Warfare - map

From the very beginning of the game you will be given ten days of immunity (shield) from attacking other players, allowing you to calmly deal with the development of the city and the army, and to thoroughly prepare for the coming war. The shield also prevents you and attack other players, so you cancel it yourself, but do it is not recommended, as you run the risk of losing everything on the attack more experienced players.

Alliance Warfare Online strategy constantly evolving and being updated, luring more and more players from around the world. Join now and you start playing the Alliance Warfare online game now! Create your own mighty alliance and conquer the world! Register at the official website of Alliance Warfare!

How to start playing Alliance Warfare?

Alliance Warfare is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Alliance Warfare.

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