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1Pirate - be the First Pirate!

1Pirate online – is a free browser game from the Ambergames studio. Welcome to the world of exciting adventures in the First Pirate offers treasure hunts, battles with all sorts of monsters and other inhabitants of the pirate dens!

In the 1Pirate online game you can choose matches your style of play profession. Here, not necessarily to become a bloodthirsty pirate, you can easily become a brave warrior, alchemist or sea explorer.

1Pirate online - your island

§ Ships and equipment in the 1Pirate game

From the outset, you will be available three types of boats. All boats in the 1Pirate online game differ on the following parameters:

- Strength – the number of hits that can withstand your boat;

- Slots – in other words it is the maximum number of guns that can take on board your boat;

- Speed.

1Pirate online - in the sea

Guns also differ in their parameters:

- Rate (recharge takes four, six or eight seconds);

- Firing range (three, four or five cells);

- Accuracy (from 50% to 70%).

 1Pirate online - castle

§ Combat tactics in 1Pirate game

So you’ve decided to become a pirate and you have zero experience. First of all, it is to determine the tactics of his piracy. Under your chosen tactics will be selected and place of piracy and ships and used them guns. By and large, in an 1Pirate online game  just four tactics:

- Duelist – everything just go out to the open sea and fighting with the first available ship to complete victory. Playing in this mode, you can not be afraid to be flushed. Once you have sunk so you get out of the harbor again and again in the battle! Duelist never spends time to repair! Even with less than half the life of the beginning of the fight, you may well be able to win;

1Pirate online - ready to fight

- Port rat – very productive tactic, the meaning of which is that you need to get out of the port and to become in the near to it cage. As soon as you notice the high seas ship immediately, on the spot, starting its shelling. As soon get damaged, you can immediately come in for repairs. In this combat tactics, you never drown;

- Long distance – avoiding a serious fight, shoot from a distance, quick knocks, and if others will finish the enemy, quietly from benefiting from the experience. Due to the speed of the ship and long-range guns, can become a pain. The main advantage of this tactic – it is safe for you to fight, the main drawback – low damage and poor sighting range guns;

- Gravedigger – attack only the damaged ships, although a little pirate miss the chance of getting an easy prey.

1Pirate online - captain 

The combat system of the First Pirate is a Duel, in which players are using all kinds of weapons and features of the characters, in turn blows from each other. Where you can fight not only with the real (living) players, but bots-monsters.

So, do not loiter, start to play the 1Pirate game online now! Join this great and full of exciting adventures the world, feel fully whole pirate romance, become this storm seas, be the First Pirate!

How to start playing 1Pirate?

1Pirate is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game 1Pirate.

1Pirate trailer

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