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Play Garbage Garage game online for free

Garbage Garage online game – is a free browser-based strategy-simulation game in which you will become the owner of the item on the dismantling of wrecked cars.

In part, Garbage Garage can be compared to those described earlier in the 4GameGround games Goodgame Big Farm and My Fantastic Park, only instead of farms and parks are a garage and a car that undoubtedly highlights the game and makes it unique.

Garbage Garage - your base

§ Your garage. Gameplay and training in the Garbage Garage

To get started you will need to pass an extremely simple procedure of registration Garbage Garage, then you will immediately be able to proceed directly to the game. The game interface is very easy to use and you will quickly get used to it, management is mainly a mouse.

In the main game window is displayed energy, money and the reputation of the band, increase that raises your level. Below you can see a list of people you have referred friends, as well as a small menu with statistics, shops and other functions.

From the outset, you will be offered to be trained in the Garbage Garage. Of course, you can refuse, but if you are new to the games of this genre, it would be better not to ignore the process.

Garbage Garage - stadium

As the game progresses, every five minutes will bring you a car that you can buy, with a view to dismantling it for parts. For the purchase of the car is given a certain time. After the purchase, auto moved to the parking lot. For every action in the game online Garbage Garage removed a ball of energy.

After parking, you can easily dismantle its acquisition of spare parts. To do so would send the car on the overpass. The procedure requires disassembly costs more energy.

§ Game currency. Trading in the Garbage Garage

The Garbage Garage there are two types of currency: Mr. dollars and grandmother.

Garbage Garage - arena

Mr. dollars you will need to buy a car, all kinds of facilities, decor and other upgrades for your site. G-bucks can be replenished at the expense of grandmothers.

A more valuable currency is the grandmother. For Grandma, you can buy energy recovery and other useful things. Grandmas online game Garbage Garage are available for the execution of various tasks.

After you will make disassembly car parts, you can send them to the garage, with a view to subsequent sale. There is one interesting point – the price of parts changes every two minutes. Be careful and patient, and you will get the most favorable price!

Sale of spare parts made for Mr. dollars.

 Garbage Garage - market

§ Black market and other «chips» Garbage Garage

From the fifth level, you will get access to the black market. Here you can get a discount for the car parts. However, it’s not so easy on the black market, as it may seem at first glance. To get started you will need to play a mini-game, the essence of which is that the screen is displayed, which has the minimum, average and maximum values, the speedometer.

Minimum and maximum values ​​are marked in red, and the average – green. After pressing start, the speedometer needle starts to move, you need to stop the arrow in the green zone. This is where you can get a discount, or on the contrary will increase the price. Black market – an insidious thing, be careful!

The Garbage Garage you have the opportunity to improve the look of your site, increasing thus its popularity. You can also pay for advertising your garage. The game store has a large number of upgrades and decorations to help you make your garage unique.

The more your level, the more opportunities will open up in front of you. You can open a car repair shop will be able to buy not only cars, but also, for example, boats, helicopters and other equipment.

Garbage Garage - garage

§ Arena and friends in the Garbage Garage

Once you will have a shop, you can put your car assembled for the competition in the arena. The Garbage Garage in the arena fighting real players, competing in the performance of their cars.

To purchase new parts, you can go to the black market or bazaar, which will be available to you after the opening of the garage. For the victory in the arena, you will receive Mr. dollars and glasses. During defeat you lose these points, but as a consolation, you still get Mr. dollars.

Garbage Garage in inviting their friends, you will be able to develop business together. By accessing their sites, you will help them as well as they come to you. To assist here provided the storage where your friends are selling spare parts and other equipment, the received profit is halved.

In addition, you can create in the Garbage Garage your club or join an existing one. This allows players to quickly develop their land.

Welcome to the Garbage Garage

Thanks to its unusual concept and the combination of several genres, online game Garbage Garage attracts a variety of categories of people. Garbage Garage can be safely attributed to the new generation of MMO games.

Discover an extraordinary game with a lot of interesting jobs and challenges! Equip your own garage, become the best trader in scrap metal and used cars! Sign up, start playing in the Garbage Garage Now!

How to start playing Garbage Garage?

Garbage Garage is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Garbage Garage.

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