Snowboard for Scooby Doo

Category: Cartoon, Flash, Kids

Character of the new Scooby Doo games online has become a dog who, although distinguished by its cowardice, but anyway so we like. If you love to watch cartoons about his adventures in a pair with the host, and then a new game you will also have to taste. You know that this dog is not impossible, and it is always ready for a new adventure, only sometimes turns into awkward situations. Almost as happened this time. You have to help Scooby Doo learn snowboarding, but it – only half the battle. That route, which was chosen by dog, controls most real ghost, which does not like when someone is invading his territory. Now Scooby Doo real danger, because the ghost can harm him. You have to do everything to Scooby Doo asap swept across the track, not allowing a single mistake.

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