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Do you know how to live a plumber? Do you know how one plumber famous throughout the world? Well, of course it is the hero of the game Super Mario! However, you certainly know that it is not a simple plumber, and special. After all, his true love Princess. It was on her rescue and he regularly goes to video games. Originally, Mario was the hero of the games that are designed for consoles with video games, and his name was Jumper, and worked as a plumber, he did not, as a carpenter. However, now that the consoles are used less frequently, Mario as favorite character migrated to computer games. Now it is not just a hero games brodilok. He has been involved in games that belong to different genres, such as coloring, racing, shooting. He is now able to lay a bomb, and in one game he even had to fight with the hero of other computer games - Sonic the hedgehog! Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom still in love with her simple plumber - heroes who are dedicated free Mario games. As already mentioned, Mario variety of genres of the games in which he plays the role of hero. Perhaps one thing remains unchanged - he still likes to jump, and the friends and enemies have not changed. Still accompanies Mario and Luigi faithful brother, as enemies are the mushrooms that die when Mario jumps out at them and turtles that can harm him. But all this stuff - the main enemies of Mario - Vario is a businessman, monkey Donkey Kong and Bowser villain, ready to kidnap the princess and take possession of the Mushroom Kingdom. With them and fights the protagonist Mario games online - simple plumber.

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