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Sonic hedgehog has become a symbol of the Japanese company that produces video game consoles - «Sega». In the beginning was the hero Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game. He ran, flew, fought with the enemy, helping friends and collect bonuses in the virtual world. Sonic X games were so popular that the legendary hedgehog became the mascot of the corporation «Sega». After Sonic has become known throughout the world thanks to consoles, this hero was created animated series, where he is involved in adventures with friends - Tails, Knuckles and Amy impish Rose. Sonic loves to run, loves adventure and also not averse to sunbathe on the beach with friends. He is able to move in space at supersonic speeds, which in general, and gave him the name. The fact that in English «sonic» means \"sound.\" Our collection of games as many games in which the main character - Sonic the hedgehog. Sonic games as well as their main character, is very dynamic. In them you can overcome obstacles, ride on a spaceship, run, jump and collect a variety of useful things, like gold coins scattered throughout the game. Well, if you do not like action games, then you can paint coloring game in which the main character - Sonic the Hedgehog, or collect a puzzle - a puzzle. Did you like the game to care. Then you will enjoy our free games online Sonic in which we have to find the pictures similar items. So, welcome to our website, where a lot of fun games where the hero - Sonic hedgehog.

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