Scooby Doo Hunt for coconuts

Category: Cartoon, Flash, Kids

In the game we meet again with your favorite teams: the cowardly dog and his master. Of course, Scooby Doo games for free you have to come up with something new, and therefore make haste to run the game as soon as possible! This time our heroes were on the island. Looks like they got lost and left all alone. It was decided not to wander around at night in search of people, and spend the night to the morning with renewed vigor to go. The guy made a fire and lay down to rest, and Scooby Doo decided to keep him. But plans for a quiet vacation went awry because with palms began to fall ripe coconuts. Great idea – thought Scooby Doo. This dog, despite his cowardice, he decided to hunt for coconuts, and we offer you to help him.

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