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Black Fire Online game – is a new free shooter where you have to play the role of a mercenary fighting with the corporation NanoSystems. At Black Fire awaits you journey into the world of the future, where you fight with horrible zombie soldiers, high-tech and furs. The game perfectly implemented cover system that allows you to hide virtually any object.

At Black Fire you will take part in the battles between players, or united with his brothers in arms, to destroy countless zombies and huge bosses. The abundance of game modes is able to impress even the most discerning fan of the genre. At Black Fire is represented by a huge arsenal of weapons – from swords, guns to modern rifles and BattleMechs.

 Black Fire - mine

§ History of the World Black Fire

A turning point in the history of mankind began in 2034 when the corporation had solved the problem of molecular engineering. It was the first in the world molecular computer, with a processor, consisting of thirty-two molecular pairs.

Two weeks later, the corporation could put your computer at the molecular and chassis, thereby bringing it into force. Using electrical impulses the brain can move the first prototypes of the wearer’s body and perform a small set of commands.

Then NanoSystems were received billions of investments and mass production. After two years, the Corporation specialists succeeded replication, ie nanomachines could now do to make yourself out of being in the blood medium, the iron atoms.

Black Fire - city ruins

But long-term dream of mankind to get rid of AIDS and cancer, and was destined to fail. The corporation is engaged in projects in full swing, which allows to accelerate growth, increase muscle strength and strength of the skin. Dissatisfaction investors grew steadily.

The last well-known project of the corporation became a nanorobot Black Fire, which could be implanted in the neural network and replace the carrier signals of the brain that allows full control of the nervous system. The corporation argued that Black Fire is essential for the treatment of mental illness and restraint for dangerous for the society of citizens.

In 2036, investors decided to withdraw from the project and to demand full disclosure NanoSystems technologies. After that, the corporation seized power on the island of New Caledonia, which was based on production. It created a new independent state. Warships Navy, NATO, who came to the island in four days, stopped communicating.

Black Fire - battle

It soon became the result of long-term effects on the nanorobot Black Fire. The carrier stopped trying to regain control over his nervous system and turned into a controlled corporation zombies.

In 2037 the company announced its enemies US, EU and Russia. There have been numerous cases of animal attacks, media Black Fire, civilians in these countries. After that the corporation has ceased to respond to any contact.

Thus began a new history of mankind …

Black Fire - mummies

§ Features online game Black Fire

Black Fire put on one of the most famous in the world, the game engine «Unreal Engine 3.5». This engine has proved itself very well in numerous successful games, starting with Unreal Tournament. Thanks to the continued support of the developer, the engine is constantly improving, setting new standards in graphics and performance.

Two each barrel – a new concept of the main weapons. At Black Fire set aside the traditional concept – the main weapon, plus a little extra. Here, everyone is able to carry two weapons at once. Combat situations in Black Fire is always changing, and with it, in a matter of seconds, and you can change, as you always have on hand two full trunk.

Black Fire - zombies

Rolls and shelter. Finally, that changed the genre of shooters concept of shelters – now in Online shooter! There is no need to rush ahead, right on the bullet enough to hide in a safe shelter, a detailed study of the situation and make a plan of action. And the ability to fire blindly, without substituting for the enemy’s bullets, opens up a host of new tactical options.

PvP and PvE. Black Fire Online game – it’s more than a shooter! You are invited to a huge number of missions and tasks, such as PvP (player vs. player) and PvE (player vs. monster). At Black Fire you will have plenty of enemies – that humans and zombies, and mutants, and the bottles.

 Black Fire - cave

Black Fire Online game – a new project, and therefore constantly evolving and supplemented, ahead of us many more interesting things. The game has already managed to attract the attention of a huge number of players.

Join now and you start playing the game online Black Fire right now, make the corporation NanoSystems tremble with your appearance alone!

How to start playing Black Fire Online game?

To enter the Black Fire Online game click on the “PLAY!” button below. You will be redirected to the official site, where, after passing a small registration procedure in the Black Fire Online game by downloading and installing on your computer its “client”, you will be able to immediately plunge into this exciting world! Enjoy the game!

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