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Jail Wars - Welcome to Pandora!

Jail Wars – this is a new free browser based MMORPG in the genre of real-life with elements of real-time strategy, action which takes place in prison Pandora. Jail Wars – this is a special, prison world, the world of notorious thugs and criminals.

According to official data prison Pandora does not exist, but all are well aware that such a prison there, and that refer to the most hardened miscreants. Because Pandora’s no one and never came back, no prisoners or guards.

 Wellcome to the Jail Wars

§ Prison Pandora Jail Wars

Pandora – a huge floating island, the secret prison, which the ship is constantly changing its course. During the existence of the prison it was formed four criminal syndicates that are continuously between a bitter struggle for power, and for a long time to kill each other, if not for the guards.

It was in Pandora you have to turn out rotten dreamer into a member of the criminal group. In Jail Wars you happen to participate in this prison riot, but to survive in it, you have to work hard with his fists and feet, brass knuckles and sharpening, as well as other powerful arguments.

But on its own physical strength and weapons, will not help you in improving your credibility. In a tough and precarious situation Jail Wars, all the actions necessary to think in advance, using wit and cunning to calculate every move.

According to the proverb: “from prison and scrip does not renounce,” and Jail Wars online game will provide you with an excellent opportunity to feel yourself in the shoes of a criminal, to test their strength of mind and find true friends among the prisoners.

 Jail Wars - choose a character

§ Syndicate in Jail Wars

Starting to play in Jail Wars and create your own character, you will need to decide which of the syndicate you prefer to fight. In Jail Wars represented a syndicate of four, each of which has its own characteristics, but in general, the balance between them is.

Cosa Nostra – the real Italians, who even in prison can not do without Catholic cross and spaghetti. Deep faith admonishes them to new things and supports the spirit.

Fellowship – The Russian mafia, which includes representatives of almost all post-Soviet nationalities. The Fellowship of living on concepts for steadfastness and fortitude, they are admired and at the same time are afraid to horror. Wardens working in their unit, to pay double the bet.

Black Brothers – a syndicate of black criminals living on the street to the laws of Harlem, very good fighters, know the secrets of ancient magic.

Combat Guard – have taken the path of crime, veterans of the security services and military units. In his arsenal have some secret development-drugs.

A full member of your chosen faction you will be only on reaching the fifteenth level. All factions in Jail Wars is constantly at war with each other, so, for the destruction of a representative of another faction, you will receive a syndicated glasses, and if this goes syndication war, the points are doubled.

 Jail Wars - fight

§ Gangs in Jail Wars

In the online game Jail Wars you can from the first level to create with their friends their own gang in the syndicate. To this end, it shall not be held in any other bands, and for the registration of the leader must detach a hundred bucks. You can also create your own individual gang distinguishing mark.

Gangs in Jail Wars may develop before the twenty-fifth level. The more enemies killed, the greater the level of the gang. The higher the level of the gang, the more players there can be composed. For the elimination of enemy gang members of the gang get points that you can spend on buying dope. All points spent, regardless of the degree of waste, recovering each day at midnight.

The leader and his agents, in exchange for experience points, can set color bands that enhances combat parameters of all its members

 Jail Wars - inventory

§ Characters in Jail Wars

In the online game Jail Wars features three character classes:

- Fighter – developing skills such as: a strong hand punch penetration, feeling Battle Rage, a series of work, the fury, the executioner, and open wounds;

- Bodyguard – developing skills: a difficult target, disorientation, stone wall, an initiator, a survivor, a turning point, a last effort and strong body;

- Accomplice – you can pump the following skills: First Aid, a weak spot, talkativeness, thrift, harmless sneaky trick, accurate calculation and medic.

 Jail Wars - battle goes on

§ Riot in Prison

Interesting feature of the Jail Wars online game mode is a riot in the prison, it is automatically activated under certain circumstances.

For example, if you start a bloody fight between factions of the rebellion and the counter reaches 100%, then immediately declared a special position in the prison run S.K.A.T. (detachment of special purpose). They start to kill all those caught him on the way prisoners. There is only one place in Jail Wars, where you can escape from S.K.A.T – a thirteenth sector.

During the riot, the participants of various syndicates may unite against the commandos. Riot in prison lasts exactly one hour, followed by automatically summarizing. If all S.K.A.T-sheep destroyed, defeated prisoners, and if left at least one commando – rebellion suppressed.

 Jail Wars - gold

In the harsh world of Pandora has its own laws and its own rules – it is a prison. For many law-abiding citizens is the most horrible place on earth, but, thanks to the online game Jail Wars, you have every chance to become the authority here. Suck your character, to perform various quests, learn to distinguish between friends and enemies, and set his prison orders!

Join now, start to play the Jail Wars online game  Now check your fortitude in the most dangerous criminals refuge!

How to start playing Jail Wars?

Jail Wars is a browser-based online game and does not require downloading the client and the beginning of the game you will have enough to click on the “PLAY!”, which is located below. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the official game site and you can immediately start playing, having a simple registration procedure in an online game Jail Wars.

Jail Wars trailer

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