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Puzzle Scooby Doo!

Category: Cartoon, Flash, Kids,

Description Puzzle Scooby Doo!:

You probably have already order miss our friends Shaggy and his best friend Scooby Doo? Well, here they come to you, welcome! The next game in the series of games about the wonderful, charming, silly and dopey friends Scooby Doo. Hi Shaggy! Hi Scooby! What awaits us this time? And this time we have to collect mosaic with this cartoon characters of Scooby Doo. How does our character in the final picture? It can spy still not collecting the scattered pieces of the puzzle into one. And to do this, we need to use the magic irreplaceable button, which will show us how the picture looked to cut, and how it should look after the collection of the mosaic. You need to manage?

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