Scooby Doo racer

Category: Cartoon, Flash, Kids

Hero of the popular cartoon Scooby Doo all know and love. This is an awesome and funny character. Scooby Doo, positive hero. He along with his friends always go to help someone and at the same time, be sure to get into some adventure. Scooby Doo is a dog, but he thinks exactly like a man. Wherever he and his friends were not, he will not go first. Scooby Doo, slightly cowardly. In the picture of our game, we can see that Scooby Doo went to ride a motorcycle. He had long dreamed of becoming a motorcycle racer. On the way he encountered various obstacles. How to overcome them, and how to go scuba learn to ride a motorcycle, we learn at the end of the game. And it will help our player.

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