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Daredevil Scooby Doo

Category: Cartoon, Flash, Kids,

Description Daredevil Scooby Doo:

Very comical, interesting, unusual and funny game. Background is: Shaggy afraid to go to the castle with a lot of ghosts and Scooby uboltal go thither alone, one pretext that scooby very well developed sense of smell and he can smell himself alone find all that they need. I do not know how, but Scooby fell for it and went to the castle with ghosts one! In the castle were a lot of dead souls. They are literally at every step there and scare the poor man Scooby Doo. For them, it’s just a little fun, they do it for fun, but for Scooby Doo is an incredible torture test of wills, his courage, and other traits.

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