Tom and Jerry travel

Category: Cartoon, Flash, Kids

As usual Tom cat trying to catch a mouse Jerry and eat it, paying for all the wrongs. Tom and Jerry games online offer those who love cartoons amicable these guys plunge into the world of the cartoon. Tom and Jerry are famous all over the world. In the story Tom and Jerry went into the wilderness. It happened quite by accident. In their city, where they live, came zoo. Somehow walking on the street, Tom was wondering what kind of animals still exist on earth. And he went to the zoo, but the animals were going to leave. Tom and did not notice that appeared in the train and arrived in the desert. Jerry also appeared with Tom. Jerry wanted to hoot out, so he found himself in the desert. Tom saw it and decided to catch. But, in the course of the game before Tom cat appears maze that must pass without getting lost, to be close to Jerry. Maze is not so simple traps and dead ends everywhere.

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